I could not be happier.

There are several projects to look out for with Atypical , not only the posts on this blog about life and navigating life as a family with special needs members. But also the ATypical product line coming in April 2017! Advocacy projects, tips and events. How to’s on being a better ally or support to people with special needs family members, or with special needs themselves, all here. Granted I am also completing my masters, so I will be posting once or more per week. Expect great blog posts, pictures and clothing (in April! ).

Find the link to initial samples below, if you express interest or give feedback I will also have a better idea on what products to prepare. The link to the store is atypical.safiyamann.com©. And will be going live in February 2017! 


COLLECTION 2016/2017


Look at more on : atypical.safiyamann.com Feb 2017!!

All profits from the clothing sales will go towards day program support and supporting hiring a in house aid worker for Elias’s daily care.


Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Thanks !



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