MIGRAINES – and how to send them back to hell where they came from.

That was seriously about to be my solution.

Honestly migraines are the worst – head pounding, nearly going blind, feeling like you are going to pass out, needing to sequester yourself in a dark room. All of that. But recently I have for the most part ceased to suffer from them so often – last year I had migraines at lease 4 times per week. These are some basic tips, for people who have been dealing with migraines for a long time and probably have “tried it all”   Sumatriptan …. Topiramat.

wasn’t working for me

I could not take those medications for very long, I got on of the side effects of a stiff neck within two days of starting the medication. Which just led me to think-  am I really creating  a co-morbid situation for myself?! The thought was ridiculous, so I had to face some facts about maybe , just maybe I wasn’t eliminating ( not just doing ) everything I could to combat the problem.

(This 100% is not a medication bashing post – I very much believe in the use of medication.)

So this is what I was not eliminating  and had to to get better [and what may help you or someone you know]

1.My extreme diet

I realised relatively early on in life that my migraines were triggered by basically anything with preservatives so bacon, pre packed foods , sugar heavy things – I’m always the one scraping allll the icing of the cake and food coloring. I blame my mom for all those organic foods in my youth.

But the aversion to getting a migraine because of something preventable , like just not putting that food in my mouth became really strong. And eventually I was on a really restrictive diet where I was barely eating anything except fresh fruit or meat and veg when my energy was low, and to top it off tons of water ( of course to avoid the migraines). Combined with summer weather, I was losing weight rapidly and when my nutrition was in a bad state the migraines were relentless.

So go ahead and just eat ( obviously the things that don’t make you feel bad), people suffering from severe migraines really do need all those healthy fats for the brain as it goes under so much stress!

Placeholder Image
your meal needs to look more like the above photo and less like a large coffee


1.Very hot or even warm showers 

My migraines did not vibe with hot showers at all. I would get in the shower first thing in the morning, which technically shouldn’t be a problem. But the temperature combined with the small space led to a tight feeling in my head and the beginnings of a migraine. Which occasionally resulted in me losing my vision from the outer corners of my eyes inwards and passing  not safe. So as unattractive as a cold or cool shower may be, it is so worth it in the long run and functions almost like an ice pack. Which also refers to my last point about air–> the more you can do anti inflammatory activates the better of you are.

2.My reluctance to do anything my mother said 

I’m an adult , but I’ll admit to this, cause it was stupid to prolong my suffering over dragging my feet. Somehow moms worry about our health more and are more proactive about remedying the situation than we would ever  be. My mom had suggested to me aromatherapy , and exercise. 

simple yeah , but made so much difference


( I had lavender, rosemary and peppermint) I could take it with me anywhere , put some behind my ears kind of portable aromatherapy session. The scents would keep the migraine from completely spiraling into the worst stages , and made going temporarily blind a lot less frequent. I guess a similar concept to smelling salts? Plus over time it makes you and your house smell amazing.


 Air/ Excercise 

Excercise well nothing that a cigarette smoker wants to hear less at times . However I realize it is not just going for a run or doing something high intensity ( sometimes the impact initiates a migraine anyway) so much as getting some air. So now when I am home , I will have my ciggarette outside and kill two birds with one stone, clear what I can only describe as fogginess my head this is especially relaxing in the winter in NYC, super cold and crisp air available ( for free ! )


happy living !



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