Traveling with differently abled family members HONEST GUIDE

Traveling with family is NEVER easy, I’m  just going to go ahead and make that blanket statement using my own family as reference. Added to the mix of all the humans, is a tiny belligerent chihuahua “Bubba” and a moody cat who needs looking after when we are gone : “Emmy, we are concerned for them but we have plans ..–> vacation


How do you handle this upcoming family trip you’re wondering hopefully the below entry has some good advice for you. But first and foremost the cardinal rules of family travel- uses as many cars as you can and keep the groups workable and small and ! most importantly don’t go raising your voice unless you want everyone to start their own personal drama episode, just go into that rest stop get some junk food and STFU : )

I have been to places in relatively close proximity to my home in NYC with my whole family to places like Philadelphia Pennsylvania. And farther afield with only three people including myself , in Amsterdam. And in both instances I had a wonderful time. Yes , the travel is difficult but we’ve got this.

a small disclaimer is: I cannot offer my perspective on going on a plane with my brother as that has never happened! We ( as a family) are thinking to tackle that situation this year.

1.Be kind and put them first

Welll I hate to say it because hypothetically we are on vacation here, but no normal relaxing vacation a family one! So this applies, there will be people older and younger than you, so pick up some of the slack so that they also can have a good time. Its only nice.

2.Don’t be afraid to ask for help/ accommodations

This should be first to be honest ! Speak up , ask for them to bring food promptly to the table if you are in a restaurant or to just have chips sitting there (definitely a prerequisite going out with my brother ).

Even if you are alone and your person needs help even get someone to help you lift them or whatever the situation calls for.

Don’t let yourself be isolated handling a problem or even what should be a mundane restaurant visit. You really have to speak up, only makes life easier for you and those around you, additionally  of times people may want to help but ‘ know how so tell them.

3.Keep it positive, no existential dread about being with family, we are not 13 !

And for the last step, no regressing to our teenage years. It’s definetely okay to get frustrated with your family /individual and I would bet that they are tired of you too. But although it mind sound cheesy : slapping a smile on your face and not succumbing to thoughts or feelings like “going to a restaurant/ a store, etc shouldn’t be this difficult” on one hand yes the situation is objectively diffucult everyone in your family is aware, but bring good humour into the situation and it will change the vibe around you. If some people’s dinners were interrupted by shrieks by my brother, or something falling ive learned to say to myself ” well it’s a public space” and to remind myself a lot of what other people think doesnt matter especially when you are with those you love and are there for them, don’t do them or your relationship a disservice by wasting time being embarrassed; ask for that spill to be cleaned up, another bowl of chips and *quietly* the check laugh it off and leave on a high note.

Lastly at the end of the weekend/ week or however long give yourself some props, for surviving family time in good spirits.



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  1. Mike Woods says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! What an Amazing way to shed light on topic that many don’t understand!


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