A topic which can be very difficult in the world of special needs can definitely be… apathy. As a family member, friend , or guardian of a person with special needs you constantly come into contact with that ugly word and even worse the ugly reality of it.

When you are attempting to get something accomplished- paperwork for transition, or looking over yet another incident report it can really wear down on you. There is absolutely no timeline for which things are going to happen for the individual in your life who needs the services that the agencies they are with are meant to provide.

When so few people who are direct care workers make the field their long term career choice looking at the job as mostly transitory before they get to do something they would really like to- which is partly due in fact that outside of challenges of the job, the pay does not match the effort needed. Which does not create the best environment to incentivize staff to give every individual the level of care they individually need outside of the basics . catching up with the same care worker can even prove nearly impossible, as the level of turn over is off the charts.

It kills me to walk into a room, and my brother is just sitting there having done little to nothing all day, a normally very active person just completely bored, or shifting from chair to chair for something to do. Or when the number of people in the classroom increases without warning from the program and decreases the amount of space in the room for all  of the individuals.

There is by far such a huge difference between the glossy catalogs for programs and what happens in practice. Special Needs individuals don’t deserve to just have their time wasted and be shuffled from one unstructured environment to the next.

Thoughts on what is a productive way around this?


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