ATypical serves to be a space where your unique needs and concerns are addressed.  ATypical was conceptualized with a specific person in mind : my 23 year old brother Elias.I have been wanting to write for a long time about my families experiences with autism in our lives not only for us , but for anyone that can relate.

I often felt when I was younger that there was no one who “got it” I did not have a friend with a special needs brother or sister at all. I never had a problem with the disability in and of itself, disabilities happen, they are natural and occur at random for the most part. Therefore it is no fault or shame of the individuals no more than it is a negative reflection on their families.It is not just the individuals with disabilities, but their families , carers, teachers, and friends who are constantly dealing with an unfair amount of obstacles to leading life with ease and dignity. I was really blessed to be raised in a family where my brother was just my brother, my playmate and my friend. I never felt ashamed to be his sister at all. And as time goes on, I have moved away and he is moving back home, there are a whole new set of challenges but also positives to prepare for.

This blog is meant to give myself and my family a space to write about our funny, sad , motivational and depressing moments and the unique aspect of dealing with special needs institutions and disappointments along the way in the pursuit of a life that can be supportive and care for Elias’s needs, which are far more complex than many facilities can provide for various reasons.

My brother  has autism, cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. I have felt for a long time that I wanted to do something that brought to light that more people are affected by disabilities of various types than people tend to be aware of.In my head I realize we are not and cannot be the only family with special needs family members, I hope some posts on the blog resonate with you and can be passed along to people it would help or give strength to.

Everyone has a whole world wrapped up in them- thats what I want to emphasize here with A-Typical. That individuals with disabilities have age appropriate desires – desire to have a significant other, desire to be fashionable and the desire to interact meaningfully with their peers. These desires for what a lot of us take for granted is almost easy to fulfill – raise awareness and increase the visibility of those with disabilities and when you encounter someone with disabilities do your best to recognize the plurality of their personality and their individuality.